Take root in one of Wyoming’s only technology-zoned business parks. Develop a campus-like environment for your growing firm, or build a custom building for your established business. All the while, take in views of the mountains and hire eager staff from Laramie’s highly educated workforce.

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Taxes & Tax Exemptions

  1. State Income Tax: Wyoming has no Corporate or Personal income tax.

  2. Business Inventory Tax: Wyoming imposes none.

  3. Property Tax: Wyoming property taxes are some of the lowest in the USA

  4. Sales Tax: The State of Wyoming’s sales tax is 4%. In Albany County the sales tax is 6%, due to an additional 1% sales tax and 1% special use tax.

  5. Sales & Use Tax Exemptions: Wyoming imposes no sales tax on energy consumed in the process of manufacturing. There is also no sales tax imposed on the purchase of equipment that will be used in the manufacturing process. Additionally, there are sales tax exemptions for certain equipment purchased for data centers.



Laramie boasts some of the most forward thinking creative minds and entrepreneurial spirits. We have a highly educated workforce, with graduates from local colleges who want to stay here in Laramie.

  1. Albany County Labor Force 21,338
  2. Strong inflow of commuters into Albany County: 628

  3. Highly educated workforce: 4.85 College Graduates per open position (in Laramie/Cheyenne) (Source: US Department of Education)


University proximity

Just one mile from Cirrus Sky Technology Park is Wyoming’s only university and four-year post-secondary educational institution. This means that Laramie boasts a level of expertise that's hard to find anywhere else. Professors are leading globally noted research programs and teaching more than 12,000 students right here in our own backyard. 

Degrees and areas of study

  1. 80 undergraduate degree programs

  2. 90+ graduate degree programs

  3. 200+ areas of Study

Cirrus Sky Spec Building

new facilities

Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility 
A $50 million public investment, this facility opened in 2016. It provides 32 teaching laboratories equipped for chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and computer science.

High Bay Research Facility
This facility is also a $50 million private-public investment, and opened in 2017. It's equipped to carry out large scale research and development to solve energy-related challenges. High Bay is meant to host studies and projects that will improve understanding in porous media, unconventional reservoir production, and coal conversion.

Energy Innovation Center
This $25 million public-private investment (which is also home to the School of Energy Resources) was completed in 2013. It is a collaborative facility where students, researchers, academic professionals, and industry partners can engage in solving challenges in the energy industry.

Engineering Education and Research Building
This educational investment was built to be a learning and discovery center that promotes innovation and creativity among students and faculty. The approximately 100,000 square-foot building is the most ambitious construction project in the university’s history at $105 million.