Industrial Buildings For Sale in Laramie, Wyoming

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When you think about tech hubs of the nation, the first places that come to mind are larger cities (and areas like Silicon Valley, for example.) At first glance, Laramie may not seem to hold all that many advantages, but that’s where you would be wrong.

First, Laramie has been blessed with an abundance of chilly weather. Though the locals would debate whether the cold is a blessing or not, it does come in very useful for keeping data centers cool in an affordable way. Additionally, it’s located within a day’s drive from both Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah - both of which are poised to become U.S. tech hubs within a few short years.

Plus, we offer something bigger cities just can’t: an abundance of affordable space.

The Cirrus Sky Technology Park is located on the ridgeline above the town of Laramie. With gorgeous, panoramic views and easy access to the rest of the town, it truly is some of the most prime real estate in the area. There’s plenty of space to spread out, which is perfect for industrial buildings of all types. As of August 2018, only two buildings in the Cirrus Sky Technology Park have been completed. With more than 40 lots available, it’s an understatement to say the Cirrus Sky still has a lot of room for growth.

At the moment, there are no pre-built industrial buildings for sale within the boundaries of the Cirrus Sky Technology Park. However, there are plenty of lots zoned for industrial buildings available for sale. These lots come in all shapes and sizes and are available at very affordable prices.

Additionally, Wyoming has a large number of available grants for businesses that are wanting to build on these lots. Both our state and local communities support entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses. On the flip side, we are also excited to be an attractive place for larger firms that want to expand their scope.

Part of what makes Laramie so alluring is that we are home to the University of Wyoming, which means that every semester, there is a fresh group of freshly-graduated workers who are looking for good jobs. Businesses can use that as a great way to recruit talent to their organization.

Aside from the University of Wyoming, Laramie boasts a host of technical facilities and resources that can be useful to technology businesses. These facilities include the Energy Innovation Center, which boasts six state-of-the-art, ultramodern laboratory spaces. In addition, Laramie also boasts the Engineering Education and Research Building, which will be yet another state-of-the-art STEM building on the University’s campus. It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019. We also have the High Bay Research Facility, a recently completed facility that features easily reconfigurable research spaces and specialized equipment. Finally, there’s the Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility, which provides a huge boost to the local research and education scene.

With its prime real estate and STEM resources, Laramie is ready for your business’s new industrial building!