Success Stories

It is not our first time helping businesses succeed and seeing them flourish here in Laramie. But you don't have to take it from us, take it from Laramie's succeeding businesses.

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Bright Agrotech/Plenty

“Laramie is a great town to grow a business and raise a family in.  If you enjoy and value the outdoors it’s hard to beat. Fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, climbing. . . The list goes on, all at your doorstep.  For me I like the idea of building a business in a place that offers opportunity, but also has strong ties to the past- a history and relationship with the environment that keep you grounded.  I want my kids to grow up in that kind of a place.”

-Nate Story
Co-Founder of Bright Agrotech and Plenty


Trihydro corporation

"Trihydro and its continued success is primarily due to our most valuable asset, our team of employees and clients. 

Although we have 21 offices around the country, what makes us special is that we started and continued to grow our business in Laramie.  People in Laramie take great pride in their work and are committed and loyal individuals. It’s important to never stop building meaningful relationships and fortunately we have that in our employees, our local partners, and the local community. 

We are truly blessed to share in such a great community and value the relationships we have cultivated over 34 plus years."

-Deby Forry
Senior Vice President Risk Management & CFO


Underwriters Laboratories

“In 2014, Laramie was chosen from 14 different cities throughout the US for location of a news technology center for the following reasons:

  1. Prospect of Cirrus Park

  2. Workforce training funds

  3. Access and interest from the University of Wyoming to establish a recruiting pipeline

  4. Anticipated strong employee retention”

-Randal Six
IT Manager, Laramie Tech Center, Underwriters Laboratories